A special thank you card from two young people at the South Queensferry Transition Days

We were delighted to be asked by the Lifelong Learning and Development Team at The City of Edinburgh Council to run 3 transition days for 6 young people from different primary schools moving up to South Queensferry High School the following week. The sessions ran on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August and were designed to give these young people the opportunity to meet new friends and get to know the area better.

We visited Hopetoun house, Dalmeny Estate beach and Crammond Island.

We had a great time exploring the wilds around South Queensferry and it was great to see the young people getting to know the area more and meeting other young people going up to high school with them from different primaries.

At the end of the programme, Kate Wilkinson, our Green Shoots Co-ordinator and leader, was given a beautifully designed thank you card. Inside the message read:

“Thank you for being such an awesome leader of The Green Team. I loved being a part of it. There were so many fun things to do!”