Our Thrive programme promotes positive mental wellbeing for young people from S3 and above through deep nature experiences and respite from daily life. Thrive uses woodland survival skills, nature connection and spending time outdoors with others to nurture individuals. We offer high levels of support in small group settings where we address individual needs and help young people to develop strategies to improve mental wellbeing.

Programmes are led by the Thrive Project Co-ordinator, Kate Hedges, and are supported by adult volunteers who together support young people to develop healthy personal relationships built on trust. Recent partnerships have included work with CAMHS, Portobello High School and Barnardos.

Our Thrive programme was winner of the Health and Wellbeing category in the 2022 Nature of Scotland Awards

Thrive programmes take place mid-week and are delivered in the following ways:

Thrive receives referrals from mental health agencies such as CAMHS, social workers and school staff. It is also possible for a young person to self-refer.

Working with a young person who you feel would benefit from taking part in a Thrive programme? contact Kate Hedges or complete the application form

Are you a young person who feels you would benefit from taking part in a Thrive programme? Contact Kate Hedges or find out more here.

Nature of Scotland Health & Wellbeing Award Winner 2022