Green Shoots programmes create a supportive and inclusive environment for young people to connect with themselves and others in small group settings. Through a range of practical and participatory outdoor activities young people can develop life skills that give them the confidence and resilience to deal with a range of challenges.

Green Shoots uses basic wilderness living skills and nature connection techniques to support young people to deepen their connection to the natural environment. Young people work together to make practical improvements to local greenspaces.

Programmes are led by the Green Shoots Project Co-ordinator and are supported by adult volunteers. Skilled and experienced leadership promotes teamwork and positive ways of working with others.

Green Shoots supports the achievement of the John Muir Award. At the end of a Green Shoots programme young people are supported to transition to other Green Team programmes. Programmes run one day a week for 8-10 weeks during term time.

Green Shoots programmes take place mid-week are generally delivered in the following ways:

  • Our Multi-Schools Programme involves young people from different schools who visit a variety of local sites
  • Our Forest School programmes work with young people from a single school, generally at one location.

If you are working with a young person who you feel would benefit from taking part in a Green Shoots programme, please just contact us:

Email Green Shoots