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New Programmes for young and old!

“2020 gave us time to reflect on the gaps in our provision and look at how best to fulfil the need for people to spend more time outdoors to improve their mental and physical wellbeing” says Penny Radway, CEO of The Green Team

Green Wellies

We have long yearned to offer a suitable programme for adults who need to nurture their mental health but also want to make a difference. Spending time outdoors has great healing properties and is now widely recognised as a simple, yet effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. The introduction and wider use of ‘green prescribing’ is also a welcome move in our health system and we are ideally placed to support people who need help to take those first steps.

The Green Wellies programme is designed for adults aged 18 year and over.  It encompasses all the great ingredients for a successful programme:

  • time outdoors
  • a regular and consistent schedule
  • the company of people also struggling with their wellbeing, creating a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation
  • meaningful activity as we take on light conservation work to improve our local greenspaces

Our first Green Wellies day is on 27th March with sessions running every last Saturday of the month. Bookings are being taken via our eventbrite page.

Mini Green Explorers

For several years now we have been running our hugely successful Green Explorers programme for young people aged 8-12 years.  They meet once a month on a Sunday for exploration, fun, play and nature connection. The sessions are almost always sold out.  Since we started this programme we have regularly received enquiries about options for children younger than this age group.  And so we have launched ‘Mini Green Explorers’. An opportunity for children aged 5-8 years to do just what their older counterparts have been enjoying for years! The programme follows the same ethos of spending time outdoors and is very child- centred.  As long as fun, play and adventure are in the mix alongside learning to manage risk and care for the natural world we are happy, and so are they!  Our next Mini Explorers session is on 18th April and bookings are now open.