Evelyn Dom in nature

Evelyn Dom: our volunteer videographer

We caught up with Evelyn whilst out on an adventure with The Green Team. Find out a bit more about Evelyn, her love of nature and being a videographer.

What’s your name and what do you do when you’re not volunteering with The Green Team?

My name is Evelyn Dom. I just graduated from the University of Glasgow with a masters degree in Media, Communications, and International Journalism and I’m hoping to further my career in the Climate Communication sector. When I’m not volunteering, you can most likely find me either reading a book (my reading goal is set at 100 books this year) or hanging out (quite literally) in the bouldering gym. I am also passionate about diving but haven’t had the chance yet to dive in Scotland. I’m hoping to change that soon!

Why volunteer with The Green Team and what are you doing at the moment?

I’m new to the city and wanted to find a volunteering opportunity that would allow me to immerse myself into nature as well as connect with likeminded people who share a similar passion for nature and the environment. What I love about the Green Team is how I get to explore so many new green spaces in and around Edinburgh. It allows me to continue doing what I love (filmmaking) while simultaneously connecting with nature.

 How did you get into videography?

When I was younger I always loved photography. My parents gifted me my first point-and-shoot camera and I remember taking it to school and taking pictures of my friends and I during our class breaks (and during class as well to be honest, I’m not sure how it never got confiscated by one of the teachers). I also always took photos during our family vacations, but I soon noticed that I never or rarely re-visited the photos I had taken because I’d take so many photos and it would take so long to go through all of them. When we were visiting Peru in 2015, I decided to focus on videography rather than photography for the first time, with the intention of creating a short 5-minute video that could easily be re-watched from time to time. It was during this trip that I realized my love for the video format, as I think it is so accessible and multi-dimensional.

What’s the best thing about videography for you?

While I love photography, and I think an image can be worth a thousand words; I love how videography adds that extra dimension of sound into the mixture. Sound can be a very powerful tool to evoke emotions but can also capture the mood of a moment. I’ve recently started experimenting with using more diegetic sound in my videos, and I love how it can really draw you into the viewing experience.

Where can people go to view your work?

I post all my video content on Vimeo (handle: @evelyndom). I am also active on Instagram, which functions as a sort of visual diary for me, where I post my photographs and shorter snippets of video work I’ve done!

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