ecargo bike at Barnardos Hub

Our e-cargo bike has been put to good use to get us to the Barnardo’s Hub

Our Education Officer, Margon, has been supporting young people at the Barnardo’s Hub in Oxgangs to connect with nature.  Her weekly visits over the summer are with young people who have been referred by their school for behavioural issues. Working almost entirely on a one to one basis with Margon, young people have fostered their interest in the outdoors with chill out time in a hammock, bug hunts, river dipping, raft-making and a spot of creativity in the mud kitchen.

Margon has been utilising Barnardo’s own grounds and supplementing this with trips to the Braid Burn. As a result, young people have improved their tree and bug identification skills and enjoyed time out in the hammock. Margon has observed the calming effect of this particular item for many of the young people at the sessions.

The young people choose how they spend their 2 hours there. Many have come to look forward to making 3 course meals in the mud kitchen and getting to know more about the natural world around them.  Margon is affectionately known as ‘the bug lady’ by many of the group!  Staff have also been impressed with Margon’s knowledge and her patience with the young people.

But it’s not just the young people who have benefited  from the sessions. Staff have also had the opportunity to gain insights into what new resources might support their work and gathered some new ideas.  Staff have also increased their knowledge of the natural world – one staff member has even gone out and bought a book on plants and flowers to continue their learning.