We had a magical day at The Green Team’s New Years Gathering on Saturday 28th January.  Everyone arrived for 2pm at The Risk Factory in Edinburgh for an afternoon of hedge planting. Spades and trees were unloaded from Evie (our all electric people carrier) and everyone got to work.  The plan was to create a new wildlife boundary around the perimeter of the building and create a wildlife corridor that linked up with the woodland on the water of Leith walkway.

“It was a lovely afternoon.”  Green Team Volunteer

“ It was lovely to see you all too and meet some new faces! What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon 🙂 “ Green Team Volunteer to be ..

We had a great mixture of board members, youth panel , participants, volunteer leaders (new and existing) and some lovely volunteers that we hadn’t seen for a while who popped in to reconnect. It really felt like a special gathering.  We had 29 people in total, the hedge was created in no time and we planted 211 trees!

We celebrated with hot chocolate and cake and it was great to catch up with everyone.

A huge thank you to Evelyn Dom, our volunteer videographer, who captured the day so beautifully.

It was the perfect way to start 2023.