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Make SMTHNG WEEK is a global event that coincides with Black Friday and the beginning of the Christmas period. The movement encourages people to take time during the week to make something new, fix something broken or upcycle something to give it a new purpose. This is instead of buying new from retailers. The hope is that through committing to making something instead of buying it, we are able to shop more consciously in future and limit the effects that consumerism is having on the planet.

According to the Make SMTHNG website, consumerism contributes to about 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions, therefore one of the best ways to limit our impact on the environment is to slow down on spending and make, fix, upcycle or share what we already have.

This ethos can be applied to many areas of life. Maybe try cooking at home instead of eating out, making your own cosmetics or cleaning products with ingredients that are less toxic, hosting clothes swaps instead of buying from fast fashion, repairing your bike to reduce your carbon footprint or reusing old jars, boxes or bottles to limit waste from packaging.

Beyond the positive impact that this movement has on the environment, it also has a positive impact on the wellbeing of those who take part. Engaging in arts and crafts has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Creating something gives us the opportunity to reflect, express ourselves and be more present, instead of consuming media that has been created by other people all of the time.

In the current climate, we have been forced to stay at home and spend a lot more time alone. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs over the next week then why not take part in this wonderful event? If you’re stuck for ideas, the Make SMTHNG website is full of tutorials for you to try out. Check it out here.

What are you creating for Make SMTHNG Week?

We would love to know. Feel free to tag us in pictures or email us to share your creations. And don’t forget we’re looking for special items for our fundraising auction – your hand crafted item could be just what we need.