Under lockdown we have reassessed everything we used to think was important. Our connections to other human beings and to the natural world now matter more than ever for our physical and mental wellbeing. So, as the lockdown eases, what will we do with what we’ve learned, and how will we reconnect?

The Green Team provides outdoor experiences that connect children and young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians to nature, others and themselves. Working with small groups in local nature reserves and green spaces, our staff and a small army of volunteers help local young people gain practical skills, develop confidence and build leadership abilities, while developing a connection to and respect for local green spaces and the wider environment. We do this through a combination of conservation work, environmental activities and nature play, in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. We pride ourselves on the transformative experiences we provide for young people, and our commitment to safe, inclusive and ethical working practices.

In 2020 we are celebrating our 25th year. Our schedule of programmes is currently on hold, but as trustees we are continuing to meet, think and plan.

THE ROLE: We are looking for new board members to help us expand and improve our programmes, and to develop our organisational strategy. We are particularly looking for people with experience in law, human resources, or work in mental health services.

THE TIME COMMITMENT: 6 meetings per year on weekday evenings (there are also smaller subcommittee meetings between those times to complete action points), a roughly once-a-year offsite day; membership of The Green Team. Directors must sign up to the code of conduct for the Scottish Council for Volunteering organisations (SCVO) and have a liability of £1.

THE REWARDS: working with a small but incredibly dedicated team delivering top-quality projects which can transform the lives of young people.

To express your interest in making an application please contact: info@greenteam.org.uk