Natureplay for families and pre-school children

We supported many families during the October holidays in a number of different ways. We continued our nature play sessions for a further two weeks, giving parents more time to spend with their children in the outdoors. The nature play sessions have been well attended , with a total of 12 families attending the Monday and Friday sessions. The same equipment was available each week for the children to play with, such as the mud kitchen, hammocks, cuddly toys, baskets, magnifying glasses. Each week a different activity was suggested e.g making an autumn mandala, adventure stick, leaf creatures which the families could choose to do on the day or do in their own time.
We also supported families during the holidays virtually through the Discover Programme organised by Life Long Learning team at Edinburgh Council. We posted daily outdoor activities on social media, as well as a couple of pre-recorded stories told in the outdoors. Families were encouraged to go outside for a walk, explore their local park or greenspace, collect some natural items and get creative in the outdoors or indoors

“Natureplay sets you up for the week!”

“Mum, we are not late, because nature play starts when we get there ” (A aged 4)

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autumn mandala circle