leaders and participants sitting at the beach

Harris, Rory and Shona with our young explorers at Cramond Beach

Every year The Green Team runs a variety of activities during the summer holidays. These activities range from outdoor holiday clubs for 8- 12year olds, young carers summer projects and this year we ran a residential to the Isle of Eigg for 14- to 18-year-olds, many of whom were completing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

So what’s it like volunteering on these projects and who does it?

We managed to catch up with some of our volunteer leader team to ask them a wee bit about their summer experiences.

Meet The Team

What’s your name and what do you do when you’re not volunteering with The Green Team.

I’m Harris and I am passionate about everything outdoors. I love cycling and spend a lot of time out and about on my bike. I am also involved with the ‘Fridays for Future’ movement, and I enjoy reading. Lord of the Rings is one of my favourites.

My name is Shona Miller. The past year I took a gap year so when I’m not volunteering, I like to keep myself busy. Most of the time I’m working in my local hotel, behind the bar but when I’m not, I tend to be walking the dogs, going to the gym and doing odd jobs for my mum.

I am Rory. I study Adventure Education in Fort William with the University of Highlands and Islands.

Why did you volunteer for The Green Team Summer Activity Programmes?

Harris: It’s really fun. I love being able to learn bushcraft skills alongside the participants. Meeting enthusiastic young people is great and the other leaders/volunteers are really nice.

Shona: I chose to start volunteering with The Green Team because my auntie is one of the senior rangers and I offered to give her a hand. I have also done leadership programmes before and used to do weekly volunteering with my local youth club. I really enjoy spending time with younger kids and helping them enjoy activities and games so was looking to try and start this up again, as I’ll soon be moving to Edinburgh for university and was looking for something to do in my spare time.

Rory: I wanted to get involved in The Green Team because during the first two years of my Degree there was very little practical leadership being provided due to covid, so I thought it would be great to get some extra experience through The Green Team. Additionally, I have always been aware and admired the work of The Green Team, so I thought that it would be nice to get involved in the organisation.

Can you share your favourite moment from your summer Green Team experiences?

Harris: Exploring around Cramond Island and looking at all the dates written on the abandoned military buildings was really fun.

Shona: My favourite moment of the green team summer activity week was when we visited Yellow Craigs Beach. I was totally in my element next to the sea and felt like a big kid. I got to play with the kids in the playground, building sandcastles, showing them the rockpools and I got turned into a mermaid using sand – which I have to say was an experience! This was also a great day, as this was the point in the week where it felt like the group came together and everyone was getting on fantastically.

Rory: I don’t think I can pick a favourite moment, but I really enjoyed the trip to Eigg and getting to know the young people on the trip over the course of the week. I particularly enjoyed it when I got to spend time with them in smaller groups and could talk to them in more detail about their lives and experiences.

Rory vol leader with group of young people outside their bothy

Rory (pale blue t-shirt with the dog) with the group on Eigg.

Can you share any new skills that you have learnt / picked up from being out with The Green Team ?

Harris: How to make nettle string, although I still haven’t mastered the twisting technique and I also got to start a fire with a bow drill once.

Shona: Throughout the week it wasnt so much learning new skills but improving and adapting old skills to a different age group. My communication skills have always been good, but they were definitely tested when having to spend a week with children. Along with communication, my listening skills were adapted to ensure that the children felt comfortable to talk to the leaders. Another skill I had a chance to work on was patience, making sure that time was given to each individual, allowing them to each have their own experience of the week.

Rory: I think my group management skills have improved through being around and helping lead various different types of groups.

Three words that sum up your Green Team experience?

Harris: Fun, Motivating, Interesting

Shona: Fun, Bonding, Outdoorsy

Rory: Small Scale Adventures :)

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a volunteer leader with The Green Team? Find out more here.