group of people in front of Decathlon and Green Team flags with lots of bags full of rubbish
World Clean Up Day with Decathlon

We were delighted to be asked to support Decathlon’s litter pick event for World Clean Up Day on the 17th September this year at Sighthill Park.

We provided a small support team consisting of members of our youth panel and staff along with an abundance of litter pickers to ensure people attending had all the tools they needed to help out.

We collected a staggering 25 bags of rubbish, making a visible difference to this popular community green space.

The Decathlon Team based at the Hermiston Gait store said of our involvement:

“We want to express our deep appreciation to The Green Team Edinburgh & Lothians , who were absolutely the best partners for this event. Your energy and dedication were truly outstanding!

Gregor, one of our wonderful youth panel members, shared this about the day:

On the 17th of  September, a group of youth panel members took part in an event organised by Decathlon for World Cleanup Day litter pick with the aim of helping clean up a part of Sighthill Park for the better of the community. Throughout the morning we scanned the majority of Sighthill Park for litter with the aim of making at least the most accessible part of Sighthill Park just a little bit cleaner.

Within just that morning we had picked up well over 10 bin bags of litter just from the area near the playpark with our relatively small team and the help of some Decathlon staff and volunteers. We hope to take part in the litter pick next year and to bring even more volunteers to aid in the clean-up effort and to make an even larger impact next year.

About World Clean Up Day

Our involvement in World Clean Up Day was just a small part of a global movement aimed at combating the global mismanaged waste crisis, including the problem of marine debris. It is coordinated by the Let’s Do It World NGO, a global organization with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Here’s the stats from this year’s activities worldwide.

We look forward to sharing our plans for World Cleanup Day 2024 with you soon.