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It’s Volunteers Week so here’s Mandy with a little word of THANKS!…

Being the Volunteer Coordinator for The Green Team is quite special. It has its fair share of paperwork and screen time but the most magical thing about this role is meeting and supporting all our wonderful volunteers. You are an amazing bunch of folk and this week we want to say THANK YOU and celebrate what you do.
As volunteers, you come and go and sometimes come back again. Some of you stay for a very long time. There is something so satisfying about working with people who care about young people and Nature Connection. You care and that means so much to us.
We are so grateful for the hours you give, the commitment to programmes, the early starts and the long days. The being flexible when things don’t go to plan. The not-so-comfy sleeps on village hall floors or hostel bunk beds. The working alongside young people and building those relationships, slowly. Being that helpful pair of hands who looks for the missing tool in the woods – that’s painted green, helping to move kit from stores to bus and then back again at the end of the day and finding that perfect stick to stir our cups of hot chocolate.  We are so grateful that you joined our Team.
We look forward to seeing you all soon – when our projects start again.
Thank you for all your volunteering 😊