Can you donate £25 to buy a young person a hammock?

Written by Kate Hedges, Thrive Programme Co-ordinator

On Monday, Julie stepped into the woods on the Thrive programme. Around the fire she told me that coming to Thrive each week is so important to her because “it stopped her making dangerous decisions over the weekend”. Julie had been an in-patient in the young people’s psychiatric unit in April. She has tried to take her life multiple times over the past month. This week Julie made the decision that she did not want to miss her Thrive session. She has something to live for.

As part of our session we got out some hammocks. The 5 young people in the group set to work tying knots to secure their hammock between the trees. Then they lay back, gently swaying in the woods, amidst the bird song and bluebells. Julie exclaimed

“I would so love a hammock. When life gets too much I could head to the woods with my hammock”

Can you help Julie and the four other group members, who all have similar stories? We are looking for donations of £25 to buy a young person involved in the Thrive programme a hammock to bring some respite and nature connection to their daily lives. If you can help, please DONATE HERE

Thrive is the therapeutic programme of the Green Team promoting positive mental wellbeing for young people.