Thanks to all the inspiring young people who joined the Youth Panel Taster day in November.

We started off considering why it is important to hear the voices of young people. Not just those who are already involved in The Green Team, but those who are marginalised or less empowered too. We considered how we can better include more young people in Green Team activities. This might be by consulting with the wider community and programming events to involve young people from other youth organisations and institutions.

youth panel group in GT tshirts

There were also some excellent ideas around being a more carbon neutral organisation. Suggestions included active travel to and on projects, using electric vehicles and scheduling more pick up points across the city. There were some fantastic ideas and discussions. We played team games to get a good sense of communicating and working together.

The next meeting will be on Sunday January 30th. Amongst other things we will continue the lively discussion on launching some Green Team Awards!

If you are 12 years or over and would like to be a part of our fabulous Youth Panel please email Penny.