edinburgh sunset

Saturday, 20th June marks the longest day of the year in the UK with the sun rising in Edinburgh at 4.26am and setting at 10.03pm.  Traditionally, hundreds head to Stonehenge to watch the sun set on the longest day or rise on the first day of summer.  This year you can still do this no matter where in the country you are, with a live stream on English Heritage’s facebook page and twitter feeds as people are being asked to stay away from the site itself. But how will you be celebrating this occasion?

Here’s how some of our staff team will be celebrating: Jo is heading for a sunrise wild swim, Sarah is planning a cycle into the wilds to watch the sun set and Mandy is hoping for a family beach walk and marshmallows round the fire to make the most of the daylight hours.

If you want to find out more about what summer solstice is all about, here’s a wee summary published in The Scotsman this week.