Written by Penny Radway, CEO.

2021 has been quite the year! We have faced many challenges and opportunities along the way and it is wonderful to be able to look back on the year with a sense of pride for what we have achieved and excitement for what lies ahead.

2021 in stats, words and pictures!

Publishing our first impact report, is a significant development for the Green Team. It provides a platform to share what we do as we continue to strive to do more. Most importantly, it helps us to stop and reflect on the difference that we are making for our natural environment through conservation and education, and for young people who have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. I am thrilled that we have provided so many children and young people with opportunities to connect with nature, others and themselves.

Seeing the impact of our work so clearly reflected in statistics and quotes reinforces the importance of everything we are trying to do. I am lucky enough to see all the other evaluation, feedback and photos that didn’t make it into this report and it all brings a little tear to my eye and a smile to my face. One quote in particular summed up what we have achieved:

“Whatever you and the other Green Team members have been doing, you’ve been getting it right. Grace comes home muddy, exhausted and full of chat. She thoroughly enjoys the volunteering… After such a difficult year for so many, home learning and teenagers being unable to interact closely, Green Team has been an absolute saviour!!”

I started this by mentioning the challenges we have faced and it seems right to finish it by recognising the amazing generosity, resilience, flexibility and skills of so many people that helped us face those challenges – our youth panel, volunteers, partners, supporters, parents, staff, fundraisers, funders and our Board. Thank you to you all.

And finally a big thank you to all the young people who made 2021 so much fun and who have achieved so much.