The Green Team Youth Panel is re-launching in person and we are looking for young people aged 12+ to join us. The Youth Panel will form an expert advisory group to the Board of Trustees and enables us to hear the opinions of young people who take part in Green Team projects.

Time Commitment

The Youth Panel will meet 6 times a year on Sundays 11-2pm at a variety of locations both in and out of the city. Each session we will spend a bit of time outdoors and then have a meeting indoors. This is an opportunity for you to make changes for the better, share your views, be part of a decision making group, learn new skills and be an ambassador for the Green Team. We ask for a 12 month commitment and time spent volunteering can count towards DofE sections.

Discussion Topics

Each session we will choose a theme or topic with decisions and actions recorded and reported back to the main Board. There will be specific roles to get involved in to support the Youth Panel and you will have a budget to spend.

Want to get involved?

If you are interested, you can come along to our Youth Panel Taster Day at Newbattle Abbey on Sunday 21st November 10-2pm. Minibus transport from Edinburgh. Please contact Penny to join in.